Schepp Connections 14, 2012

Schepp Connections 14

Schepp Connections Issue 14

PDF of Schepp Connections 14, 2012


Finding Meaning in the Scars: A Survivor’s Memoir
Jennifer Wolski, Schepp Scholar 2012-2013

Meet Lillian Wasserman
our first Cathleen Barnier Scholar
Schepp Scholar 2012-2013
Student, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, MSW

South Sudan: The War Against the Nuba
Adrie Kusserow, Schepp Scholar 1989-1991

A Forest for the Brooklyn Bridge
Benjamin Fryer, Schepp Scholar 2010-2013
Student, Yale School of Forestry and Yale Law School, MF and JD

Adventures in the United Arab Emirates
Jakub Zielkiewicz, Schepp Scholar 2009-2010

A conversation with Barry Bley
Teacher, mentor extraordinaire, and
Schepp Scholar from 1961 to 1965

My Second Mom
Douglas Kendall, Schepp Scholar 1958-1960

Finding Solutions to Some Tough Policy Isues
Caitlyn Turgeon, Schepp Scholar 2006-2013
Student, Georgetown University School of Foreign Affairs

Meet Frank Poli
Former Schepp Scholar and our newest Trustee

Auf Deutsch, Bitte
Kristin Cross, Schepp Scholar 2011-2013
Student, Emory University, B.S.

Nutrition That Rocks:
Using Media to Solve the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Jill Jayne, Schepp Scholar 2003-2007

We’re Back

You may have noticed that there was no Schepp Connections last year – but this year we’re back
in force, with a new issue brimming with moving and memorable stories of the exciting things our
Scholars have been up to.

As you will see, many Schepp Scholars continue to demonstrate their dedication to making the world
a better place. Adie Kusserow is working with refugees from the Nuban war in South Sudan, helping
to set up desperately needed schools and clinics. Jill Jayne is working to capture kids’ attention with
creative and engaging social media strategies in order to make headway in the war against childhood
obesity. Barry Bley, as a long-time high school teacher and mentor, has had a lasting influence on
the futures of many of his students. A testimony written by one of them powerfully demonstrates
how he was there for her when she had reached a crucial turning point in her life – and helped her
choose the right course to take. Douglas Kendall remembers a mentor of his who deeply influenced
his life more than 50 years ago.

One Scholar has overcome great personal adversity with uncomplaining grace and determination.
Jennifer Wolski underwent serious brain surgery and, as you can see from our cover photo of her,
is making a beautiful recovery. Meanwhile, environmentalist and law student Benjamin Fryer has
forged an amazing connection between the Brooklyn Bridge restoration project in New York City and
a rain forest in Guatemala. Read his article to find out more about this amazing program.
In this issue, you will also find a profile of Lillian Wasserman, our first Cathleen Barnier Scholar. The
Barnier Scholarship has been made possible by the extraordinary generosity of Cathleen’s family and
friends. Cathleen was a Schepp Scholar from 1964 to 1966. It is gratifying to know that so many
Scholars seek to give back to the Foundation in recognition of the impact it has had on their lives.
You will also meet in this issue our newest Trustee, Frank Poli, himself a former Schepp Scholar as
were both of his parents. How’s that for continuity?

We have received gifts from ranging $50 to $50,000 and appreciate them all because it means we
can (hopefully) avoid invading our endowment when providing student grants.

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