Schepp Connections 16, 2014

Schepp Connections

Schepp Connections Issue 16

PDF of Schepp Connections 16, 2014


Building a Career in Architecture
Jonathan Lott, Schepp Scholar 2001-2005

From World War II to Watergate:
Coming of Age During Tumultuous Times

Joseph A. Bosco, Schepp Scholar 1963-1965

Sharing a Life of Adventures Around the World
Lana Lindstrom, Schepp Scholar 1967-1970

The Glass is Still Half Full: On Maintaining Positive Perspectives

Bernard L. Dillard, Schepp Scholar 2002-2005

Tam Van Tran

The Lesson of a Lifetime Devoted to Giving Back: “Each one
of us stands on the shoulders of others who preceded us.”

Charles Anderson, Schepp Scholar 1940-1943

Trustee Banning Repplier
Bruno Quinson

Susume: Moving forwar d after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Koji Pingry, Schepp Scholar 2014-15

Robert Wallace, M.D.: A Giant in Cardiovascular Surgery
Reprinted from the Mayo Alumni Magazine

Robert Wallace, M.D.: The Man Behind the Accolades
Dr. Robert Wallace, Schepp Scholar 1950-1953

Remembering Dr. John Rigatti, Schepp Scholar 1956-1959
Marianne Rigatti, daughter

Journaling Black Masculinity and Certain Social Forces in Life
Tony Laing, Ph.D, Schepp Scholar 2009-2011

The Turning Point Has Come

In last year’s issue of Schepp Connections, we let you know that the Foundation had reached a critical crossroads, one where we realized that the time had come to re-think our future and make some difficult decisions. With our awards and operating expenses exceeding the income from our diminishing endowment, we had two choices open to us: spend down the endowment and close our doors or work to rebuild our endowment though increased gifts and bequests from former Schepp Scholars and Trustees as well as capital from third party philanthropic organizations, individuals and corporations.

After considerable thought and discussion, the Board of Trustees agreed that, in recognition of our 90-year history, our track record of having given over $30 million in grants to more than 10,000 students, and, most of all, the powerful legacy of Schepp Scholars who have shaped and defined standards of excellence in their multiple fields, closing our doors was simply not an option. As a result, the Board voted unanimously to perpetuate the Foundation and formulate a plan to rebuild the endowment over the next ten years.

Among the first steps in this plan, we have undertaken a project to build a comprehensive database of Schepp Scholars. The goal is to enhance existing Scholar relationships and to reconnect with thousands of Schepp alumni with whom we have sadly lost touch over the years. In parallel with this effort, we are preparing a business plan to take the Foundation
through the next decade to its 100-year anniversary in 2025. The basic objectives of this plan are to:

1. Double the endowment within 10 years
2. Double the average grant size in order to give more meaningfully to individual students with the most need
3. Triple the number of annual grantees
4. Increase annual giving to over $1 million, surpassing the Foundation’s previous record in 2009

As you can see, our goals are ambitious and we are committed to doing everything in our power to achieve them. When you read the stories of our extraordinary Schepp Scholars (both here and on our website) and are reminded of all that they are doing and have done for the betterment of the world, we hope more of you will bear the Foundation in mind in your own charitable giving. We look forward to staying in touch with you in the months ahead.

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